Be a brand like no other

What if you could break away from your competition?

Imagine no longer being hostage to your competitors’ next move or lower price. How great would it be to never fear that stomach-churning sales question: “So why we should buy from you?”

When your business is strategically differentiated, the doors of opportunity open wide:

  • Prospects will notice your company and be interested in what it has to offer
  • Customers will gravitate to you; you’ll be less likely to have to hunt them down to “sell” to them.Your company will be perceived as offering a higher value than its competitors.
  • You  can ask for and get premium fees.

Our job is to help you create and leverage your strategic difference so your prospects and customers see you as the indisputable choice.

With over 25 years of  marketing and branding experience, our services generate results.


Marketing Strategy: Generate action, get results 
Build a foundation for sustainable growth. We’ll work with you to:

  • Build your strategic brand differnentiaion
  • Develop a plan to apply only the most appropriate tactics
  • Showcase and support your unique value
  • Engage and motivate your ideal customers to buy from you

Strategies for differentation, marketing, and branding to pinpoint, amplify and active your differentation in the marketplace.

Branding: Make your unique value visible, relevant and memorable
Make sure your brand assets accurately illustrate and represent your unique value in the marketplace.

We develop:

  • Names for products, services, programs or companies.
  • Corporate identity packages including logos and taglines
  • Websites
  • Collateral
  • Tradeshow booths and materials

Our goal is always to help you increase sales.

Engagement: Start and maintain a meaningful brand experience
Prove to your prospects and customers that you are the indisputable choice. We’ll help you stand out in your marketplace.

We’ll create:

  • Public relations
  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Much more

Marketing Accelerator: Maximize your marketing impact and ROI
Stop wondering how to get more out of your marketing.

With over 20 years of proven marketing and branding experience, we’ll give you an independent, no-no-nonsense, outside perspective on how you can optimize your marketing efforts to pull in more business.

We’ll come to your office and work with you and your team to:

  • Assess your marketing plans, programs and materials
  • Pinpoint what’s working well and areas for improvement
  • Re-energize and boost your marketing team’s creativity and effectiveness
  • Provide practical, tangible recommendations for how you can turn up the volume on your marketing, increase your results and pull in more business
  • Help you protect your marketing investment and maximize your ROI

Marketing Accelerator can be delivered in a half-day or full-day format. It’s a one-time, fast-paced, focused session that provides you with expert advice you can use right away to take your marketing to the next level.

No strings or long-term commitment. Just tangible, practical advice to help you pull in more business.

PullAhead: 75-Minutes to Differentiate and Win

PullAhead is The Idea Factory’s 75-minute, rapid-fire Sales Generator program designed to jump start your ability to differentiate and pull in more business. We believe the majority of sales issues are caused by a lack of differentiation in the marketplace.

Companies who are not recognized as the better choice often resort to short-term competitive tactics such as lower prices. But those tactics never address the underlying issue.

PullAhead is a 75-minute program designed to help business leaders identify the root cause of a sales issue, and set out on the path for developing more effective methods to attract more customers.

Here’s how PullAhead works:

  • Prior to our session, pinpoint your most pressing sales challenge.
  • Invite The Idea Factory to your office to work with you and up to 10 members of of your team.
  • In 75 minutes, we’ll guide you and your team through a discovery process to generate practical ideas for how you can solve your sales challenge, and pull in more business.

Think about it this way: You can continue to compete like all your other competitors, and keep getting the same results. Or, you can invest just 75 minutes and discover new options to help you pull in more business.

Note: Everything discussed during each PullAhead session is confidential, and there is no obligation beyond the session. Of course, should you decide you want more solutions to your sales and marketing challenges, we welcome the opportunity.

The Idea Factory is available for leading workshops, presentations or key note speaches at professional business symposiums, association or organization meetings, conventions or public or private corporate events. Topics include Strategic Brand Differentiaiton, Innovative Thinking in Business, Branding, Marketing.