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Pull in More Business: 7 Essentials to Win More Customers and Make More Money

What if you could stop competing on price, win only the best customers, and be recognized as the indisputable choice in your marketplace?

It is possible and it all starts with the key concept in this book: strategic brand differentiation.

If you want to build the ultimate path to sustainable business success for your business and learn how to continually out-distance your competition, this book can get you on your way.

Inside these pages you will discover ideas for how to:

  • Define your greatest competitive advantage
  • Position your company for long-term growth
  • Leverage your value to attract the right customers
  • Build a sustainable foundation for growth
  • You can either keep competing like everyone else, or you can discover how to pull in more business.

“‚Ķ.I grew my company to $20 million by using the concept presented in this book”
George Platt, President, Harty Integrated Solutions

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