PullAhead: 75 Minutes to Differentiate to Win

PullAhead is The Idea Factory’s 75-minute, rapid-fire program to help jump start your ability to differentiate and pull in more business.

We believe the majority of sales issues are caused by a lack of differentiation in the maarketplace.

Companies who are not recognized as the better choice must  resort to short-term competitive tactics such as lower prices. But those tactics never address the underlying issue.

PullAhead is a 75-minute program designed to help business leaders identify the root cause of a sales issue, and set out on the path for developing more effective methods to attract more customers.

Here’s how PullAhead works:

  • Prior to our session, pinpoint your most pressing sales challenge.
  • Invite The Idea Factory to your office to work with you and up to 10 members of of your team.
  • In 75 minutes, we’ll guide you and your team through a discovery process to generate practical ideas for how you can:potential solutions to your sales challenge, and ways to pull in more business.

Think about it this way: You can continue to compete like all your other competitors, and keep getting the same results. Or, you can invest just 75 minutes and discover new options to help you pull in more business.


Note: Everything discussed during each PullAhead session is confidential, and there is no obligation beyond the session. Of course, should you decide you want more solutions to your sales and marketing challenges, we welcome the opportunity.


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