We are here to help you pull in more business

We are thinkers and doers, accomplished problem solvers and experts at strategic differentiation.

We harness our talents and experience to provide a variety of services including: Strategies for brand differentiation and marketing, advertising, marketing communications, public relations, customer engagement, and lead generation.

Olga Fernandez

Olga works with clients to generate breakthrough ideas and competitive advantage.

Over her 20 + years in marketing and sales, she’s developed the knack for pinpointing a client’s unique market distincition, and can help clients leverage their distinction for growth.

She’s devoted to building long-term relationships with clients founded on trust, good work and solid results. She’s energetic, inspiring, creative and reliable. You can count on Olga to be your strongest ally, and to get the job done.

“My greatest thrill is in wathching clients differentiate and do well.”

Jim Sperling
Vice President

Jim is an expert at helping clients communicate and demonstrate their competitive difference. He excels at creating innovative solutions to business problems that help clients pull in more business.

Jim believes any negative can be turned into a positive, and he loves helping clients come out on top.

He has over 30 years experience in advertising, branding, marketing and public relations and is thoughtful, creative, and diligent.

“No matter the long hours and hard work – it’s always worthwhile when a client feels comfortable and excited working with us.”

Nat Connacher
Leader of Visual Dialogue

For over 25 years, Nat has developed corporate identity and branding programs, investor relations communications, advertising, direct marketing, and websites. An expert at branding, his talent lies in his keen ability to create a uniquely clear and direct visual voice that is heard over the noise of competition and culture.

“I believe open collaboration with clients makes a project exciting and successful.”

Lydia Fazio Theys
Senior Writer

Lydia’s technical and creative writing skills combined with her strong scientific and analytical background give her a unique perspective as a writer.

For over 25 years, Lydia has writen for a wide vareity of needs from software manuals and technical instruction to health and wellness materials to corporate annual and financial reports.

“I’m a perpectual student. I love learning and helping other people discover new ideas.”